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The Tenenbaum Strikes Back (Or, at least, writes a press release)

In the ongoing saga of litigation between Joel Tenenbaum and the recording industry (blogged here), the record companies have filed an appeal (blogged here) of U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Gertner’s Order (pdf) allowing a narrowcast of the oral argument that is to take place on January 22, on Tenenbaum’s motions related to the constitutionality of a number of provisions of the Copyright Act.  Joel and his “legal team” from Harvard have struck back, well, sort of, with a press release reacting to the move (pdf.) Among their comments:

“If the RIAA’s position is to educate people about the business and legal climate of the music industry, it is unclear to us why they are appealing this decision. Further, we believe that the true public interest in this case is permitting civil involvement in courtroom proceedings. Our case is fundamentally about the ‘so-called Internet generation,’ and it is seemingly appropriate that such an opportunity be made available to these individuals.[…]”

The (Copyright) Rebels Strike Back

The (Copyright) Rebels Strike Back

Hmm, that sounds familiar.  It echoes what Judge Gerter said in her Order (and what I echoed in my blog posting.)

Tenenbaum’s team has a website, with copies of all the legal pleadings, for all to review. Stay tuned, true believers (to mix some sci-fi/fantasy metaphors).

Hat tip to Read Write Web, where I discovered the release.

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